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About Marc Boon

Mediator between art and technology.

“I like to build tiny things”

Single male, living in Amsterdam Xiamen, South-East China. Curious, open-minded, sensitive, young-at-heart. Green eyes, likes cooking, art, cinema, photography, traveling. Romantic, easy-going, gentle touch.
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RFIDuino libraries updated to Arduino 1.0

My Arduino RFID libraries for the SM130 and SL018/SL030 RFID readers can be found on Github.

Again to China, from September 2011 until August 2012

I'm now studying at the Overseas Education College of Xiamen University, South-East China.

RFIDuino discontinued, replaced by StrongLink SL018

The ready-made StrongLink SL018 Mifare RFID reader module is a more cost-effective solution. It can be ordered online from StrongLink in Beijing, China, and you will have it in a matter of days.
I wrote a simple Arduino sketch for reading tag IDs, as well as a SL018 Arduino library with examples for reading and writing data sectors on Mifare 1K, 4K, and UltraLight cards.

RFID sniffer available as open-source

Busy with new projects, I stopped offering the RFID sniffer kit. The RFID sniffer design is now offered as open-source for non-commercial use.