Simulation of position estimation by succesive distance measurements to known
beacons, using an Extended Kalman Filter.

Simulation parameters:

Beacon range [m]:  
Blimp speed [m/s]:  
Blimp height [m]:  
Measurement noise:  
Random beacon transmissions

Kalman filter parameters:

Initial variance:  
Process noise:  
Measurement noise:  
Show graph of residual and RMS error

The blue dots are Cricket beacons. They are transmitting ultrasound blips in turn at 10 blips/s, synchronized by a radio signal. The transmissions are represented by red lines.
The white sphere represents the blimp. It listens to the beacons while moving in the space, and tries to estimate its current position using an Extend Kalman Filter.
The red dot represents the estimated position.

See SCAAT.pdf for a description of the used algorithm.
See BeaconRing.pdf for a description of the Cricket system.

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Source code: NavSimEKF EKF GraphXT

Built with Processing

July 2010